Kids Resale Events are Awesome

I think if I had to, I could list 100 reasons why I love kids resale events, but here are just a few.  If you have never been to a kids sale, whether you are expecting or already have children, you don’t want to miss out.

The first time I went to a kids sale my 6 month old first born (a boy) was wearing 12 month clothes, so I had nothing, or what I did have was the wrong season.  Who knew that the child would not follow the guidelines set forth by the clothing makers.  My neighbor told me about how great the sale is and her husband joked about how he is a kids resale widow every fall and spring while she shops.  Even he admitted what a great deal it is though!  I helped with set up at my PTA’s sale to get an entire wardrobe for my son for around $20.00. I got onzies and tshirs and pants, even a jacket.

I was hooked.  Over the years I have purchased everything from more clothing (I now have two boys who grow or wear through everything) to toys, to extra items to keep at the grandparents houses and so much more.  Found bed rails I needed, gates, one of those cars the kids hit the pedal and go a whole 5 MPH down the drive.  All of these at such great prices and some looking like they were never used.

So even though my kids are a bit old for these sales I still go.  The minimal admission is worth the look to see if there are any clothes in their size or toys they have not outgrown yet.  If you are thinking of going for the first time I promise you will not be disappointed.  If you are a kids resale junkie like me leave a comment below with one of your best deals!

Happy Shopping!  For a list of events in the area go to our resale events page.

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One Comment

  1. L Kozak
    Posted March 18, 2010 at 7:22 am | Permalink

    I totally agree! With three boys of my own I’m hard pressed having hand me downs that are still in decent condition for my youngest son. My boys are so rough on their clothes. The deals I get at resales are incredible…some of the clothes still have tags on it in many cases and others look like they have been worn maybe once or twice. My mother also loves the resales, with 6 grandchildren in and out of her house, she has purchased the big ticket items, strollers, bouncy chairs, etc. so we don’t have to keep packing them up and taking them over. It’s so convenient. Resales are awesome!!!!! I’m hoping one of my next resale adventures includes selling at one.